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发布时间:2021-04-21 00:36
本文摘要:It's good to see you again, Bashar!很高兴再一次见到你,巴夏!巴夏:And to you as well, good day!大家也很高兴见到你!日福!


It's good to see you again, Bashar!很高兴再一次见到你,巴夏!巴夏:And to you as well, good day!大家也很高兴见到你!日福!问:Yes, I have several questions I'm not sure which to answer first,是我好多个难题,不告知理应再作回应哪一个one thing that occurred to me just as I was s before I came up here other than the ones down was a personal thing about my memory of being part of Atlantis.在我登台以前,我躺在观众席,写成一些物品(提问),突然之间,我想起 一些我还在亚特兰蒂斯阶段的记忆力And a sc there那时,我是一名科学家巴夏:You're making a connection from the present to a sc to exist there in Atlantis s for your own purposes, yes.是的!为了更好地搭建你自己的目地,你从“时下”连接到一位不会有于亚特兰蒂斯阶段的科学家It's not you as a person但那人,并不是你问:Right.你讲到的对!巴夏:It may be the same oversoul that you're an extension of and that being is an extension of你与这位科学家,有可能全是同一个超灵的“继承”(廷伸)And from the oversoul level, yo


u could say: Those are my lives因此 ,从超灵的方面上谈,你能讲到:“这些全是人生之路历经”ut from the human level, You never been that person, they will never be you.可是,从单独人们方面而言:你压根都并不是“他”,他也总有一天会是“你”ut you're making that connection.可是,你建立了与他的相接o how does it serve you to have that connection? What are you learning by having that connection?那麼,这一相接,对给你何助益呢?你从相接中,来教了什么?问:Well, I'm doing science now, I am a sc today.现如今,我是一名科学家,在保证科研巴夏:All right. So your from that person's experience to guide you in doing science in the way that would work best for this age of transformation on earth?好的!因此 ,你从他那边总结经验,进而具体指导你如今保证科研,进而在这个转换成阶段,产生地球上最好的助益问:Yes! And so in doing what I'm doing now, we have crystals that we've created that enhance life force.是的!如今,大家做出了一些水晶,能够加强身体的活力巴夏:All right! That a


re perm slips that allow someone with the belief system to enhance their own life force.好的!这种水晶是“自我认同批准”,让这些具备这类信念系统软件的人,能够加强她们的活力问:Well, yes, but we've done thousands of exper with plants. And the plants grow better, healthier with certain crystal forms.是的!但大家也对绿色植物保证过不计其数次试验,而且,这种绿色植物看起来更优、更为身心健康,还具备一定的水晶形状巴夏:Yes!好的!ut the plants also know what it is you're attempting to do and will agree with your belief systems, and show you the reflection of that.可是,绿色植物们告知 大家妄图要保证哪些,也赞同大家的信念系统软件,并以本身 展现“大家的信念系统软件的映射”They know what they're doing.他们告知 他们在保证哪些问:Well, yes. But we have done blin too.行吧,但大家也保证“盲测”(随机抽样实验)巴夏:It doesn't matter. You can blind the higher mind.我觉得危害,由于你“盲不上”低我回应:HaHa, thank you!嘿嘿!感谢!巴夏:Thank you感谢!相亲约会是个dnf奶爸前不久全职的携带娃译成总数较少了期待别见怪啦!amaste