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Z&P Technology Limited was newly founded on 2012/9/26.

We named our products LiTH brand on 2012/11/11 and registered the logo worldwide.


However, Z&P engineering & production group has 14 years experience designing and manufacturing products for broadcast industry including camera battery, battery charger, monitor and LED panel light.

Some of our engineers have been working in CCTV (Chinastate owned TV station) for 10 years who are in charge of test and engineering maintenance of all CCTV broadcasting products, post production and studio rooms.


We have started PCB design/PCB production/eletronic product design/eletronic product production business since April, 2012. So far, we have designed eletricty for consumer/broadcast/military purpose products and won our reputation for brilliant design and quality production.


Z&P markting group has been active in Broadcast industry for almost 7 years, and has been familiar to noted manufacturers and noted distributors in broadcast industry.


We aim at building strong distribution network and make innovative efforts for the broadcast industry.

On 1/1/2013, we launched innovative small size batteries 95S, 130S, 150S with large capacity and high load.

150S is the same height and width as Samxxng Note 2, which is also similar with *DX E10S, but with 50Wh more capacity.


Talented Engineering/production + Professional marketing=LiTH.