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1. Can LiTH V mount batteries be charged on my SONY charger?

Yes, LiTH V Mount batteries can be charged on all V plate chargers. But we suggest you use recommended chargers by LiTH.


2.How is LiTH battery performance during extremely cold weather?

As known to all, Li-ion battery life of all brands can be affected during different temperature.

We've heard so many *PAD power can not be turned on in winter when it is fully discharged.

Solution, once the battery can not be charged during extremely cold weather, try warm it hard indoor with temparature above 15°C.

Suggestion from noted DoP Alister Chapman is very useful, too. 

--Li-ion battery life gets reduced by between 25 and 50% depending on how cold it is. Keep you spare batteries in a pocket inside your coat or jacket until you need them. After use let the battery warm up before you charge it if you can. Charging a very cold battery will reduce the lifespan of the battery. 

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